Characterization of reflective
surfaces and transparent materials

Industry Medical

V-OPTICS, your partner for "ZERO DEFECT" offers innovative solutions to characterize, control and analyze reflective surfaces and by transmission for transparent materials.

QualiLens 100 - innovation pour les lentilles de contact et IOL

2022 Innovations for Optical lenses

Now, you can have objectivity, traceability, automation on quality controls and optimisation on your manufacturing process.

Main advantages :

  • All-in-one: optical power, cosmetic defects, dimension control, engravings
  • No more manipulations or centering
  • Results in less than 20 seconds

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V-OPTICS your partner on the way to «ZERO DEFECT»
Advises you in order to improve quality control performance, materials and surface analysis.


Phase shifting
deflectometry mastering

Traitement de l'image

Image and
signal processing

Informatique industrielle

Software development
and automation

Capteur optique

Optical sensor

Mesures industrielles

Design and production of customized industrial measuring machines

V-Optics systems are based
on phase shifting
deflectometry technology

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