V-OPTICS your partner
on the way to «ZERO DEFECT»

your partner on the way to «ZERO DEFECT»

V-OPTICS, expert in the characterization of reflective surfaces and transparent materials, is a unique partner on the path of «ZERO DEFECT».

Our mission: to bring you cutting-edge technologies to control products and optimize the manufacturing process in order to increase productivity.

Industry and Research Centers
that rely on our expertise look for:


Continuously control and improve the production process and reduce rejection rates.


monitor products properties
and trace defects


Automate the aspect of control by providing objectivity on the criteria established between the supplier and the customer.


Provide measurements and objective values on surface defects or characteristics to R&D and Quality departments.

Designed for maximum precision and short measurement cycles, our solutions are available in different configurations to meet your needs and ensure optimum process safety.